Thoughts on Teaching Legal Literature and Librarianship Online

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In January 2020 I began co-teaching the Legal Literature and Librarianship course at the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Information with my now-retired colleague Susan Barker — a course I took as a student at the iSchool and I’m sure many other TALL members did as well. The experience has been very rewarding and overwhelmingly [...]

Training Students vs. Lawyers

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Being thrust into the world of articling student training in the first few months of your law librarianship career is perhaps the most effective way to understand the struggles of new students entering a large corporate firm. Although it sometimes felt like the “blind-leading-the-blind”, having little to no previous knowledge offered me insight into the [...]

Four tips for impactful video tutorials

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Video tutorials are a great way to demonstrate how to use a research tool or to explain a research concept. But what makes them effective? In this blog, Lauren Orav shares four best practices she developed while making video tutorials for Ontario’s Ministry of the Attorney General. Avoid vague language In your video’s narration, avoid [...]

Vol. 38 No. 3 – Fall 2019 (Q4) PDF edition and our next quarter’s theme revealed!

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As we wrap up this quarter of the TALL Blog, we would like to thank all of you who took a moment out of your day to read our posts. We appreciate your feedback and continued readership. One update: we have opened the blog up to non-members, so feel free to share with your colleagues! [...]