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Are you a Momentum Builder or Destroyer?

For law libraries to remain relevant, we must step up to lead, be an innovator and a momentum builder. These skills and mindsets are at the core of what makes the best team members the most valuable in any organization.

In this 90 minute workshop, we will examine the subtle but impactful differences between traditional management skills and what it takes to be a momentum builder and leader.

This will be an interactive session where we will use the tools to solve a real life challenge for us in law libraries. Come prepared to roll up your sleeves and discuss ways in which law libraries can provide innovative services to clients. 

 At this workshop you will:

• define what creates momentum and creativity and what does not
• understand the skills, attitudes and knowledge that comes with being a change leader
• experience and learn Dale Carnegie’s proprietary innovation team process
• prepare work through this innovation process with other workshop attendees
• learn about the two game-changing leadership and management programs that are adding value to bottom-line results to businesses everywhere

Light refreshments will be served. This workshop is limited to 30 participants.


John Zettler, MBA is the Director, Talent Strategy & Development with the Dale Carnegie Business Group. John's role includes delivering customized and interactive training,  and consulting on people strategy solutions with individuals, teams and organizations.

He is an experienced Human Resources Leader with 20 years of professional experience across several industries. John has a depth of knowledge in the Legal Industry, having worked as Director, Human Resources at two major Canadian Law firms for a total of 7 years.

John is a highly regarded coach, facilitator, and people strategist who brings authentic energy and passion to the work he does. John designs and delivers results-driven solutions to individuals, teams and organizations in the areas of:

• People Development & Strategy;
• Leadership Development;
• Culture and Engagement;
• Human Resources, and;
• Change Management.