Frequently Asked Questions2019-02-15T05:14:13-05:00
If I prefer to pay by cheque instead of credit card, where do I send the cheque?2016-09-01T14:10:50-04:00

Administrative Coordinator
Toronto Association of Law Libraries

P.O. Box 1042

TDC Postal Station

77 King St. West
Toronto, ON
M5K 1P2

The address should also be on your PDF receipt when you select the ‘pay by cheque’ and on the confirmation ‘thank you’ screen.

I would like to pay for all my staff with one cheque. Can I do that with the new website?2016-09-01T14:09:06-04:00

Each TALL member can log into the site using their unique user name and password.  They can click the ‘join us’ link and follow the instructions.  You can select to ‘pay by cheque’ and follow the steps.   The site will email you a PDF form and you can print that out.  Please send all the forms together with a single cheque to cover the renewal of multiple memberships.