About the Award

TALL is now accepting applications for the 2022 James D. Lang Professional Development Award which was created in recognition of the significant contribution to our community by popular legal publishing representative, Jim Lang.

This year, $2,000 has been allocated from the Association’s funds to assist two or more TALL Members with their career development and professional development activities, with a maximum award of $1,000 per winner. We encourage everyone to apply as we want to support all members regardless of position or years in the industry.

The grant is intended to support in-person or online attendance at a conference, a professional development program or course, or to help defray research-related costs of conducting a research project (e.g. workshop, course or other similar activity deemed appropriate by the TALL Executive). Preference will be given to individuals who are unemployed, underemployed, switching careers or receive limited professional development funding from their workplace.

Eligible Expenses

Eligible expenses include course, workshop, conference registration fees or expenses related to a research project. The date of the activity must fall within the period of January 1, 2022 to December 31, 2022.

For successful grant recipients who have already or will have attended an activity and incurred eligible expenses in the period between January 1, 2022 to May 1, 2022, the grant will be retroactive.

The successful grant recipient will be required to submit original receipts for the reimbursement of eligible expenses (up to a maximum of $1,000) related to the activity. The recipient may be asked to provide proof of course completion.

The successful recipient(s) will be required to submit an article, max. 500 words in length, for inclusion in future publications such as the TALL website. This article can take the form of a summary, a review of a course taken or conference attended, or how the learning has impacted your work.

All required documentation including the written article must be submitted within a reasonable amount of time after completion of the professional development or research activity. The award may be forfeited if there is a significant delay in submitting the required documentation.


In order to be considered for the grant, all of the following criteria must be met:

  • TALL member in good standing for at least one year
  • Not have received a similar grant from TALL in the past two years

Meeting the minimum qualifications does not guarantee receiving a grant. Grant applications are assessed on a competitive basis. The Committee reserves the right to not award the grant if submissions lack sufficient overall merit.

Application Process & Deadline

A Committee of TALL members struck by the Past President will decide the grant amounts awarded to each recipient, but no individual award will exceed $1,000.

Please submit one electronic application package containing the following items:

  • A written statement (maximum 2 pages)
    • Clearly demonstrate why funding is being pursued and how the grant will benefit the applicant’s professional development and career path
    • Articulate how a grant would assist with the costs of attending the professional development activity or conducting the research activity
    • Describe the learning that will be leveraged to contribute to TALL and/or the profession of legal librarianship as a result of attendance/participation
  • A breakdown of anticipated costs and details of other funding sources (employer, other grant/award applications)
  • Support in writing from an employer, peer or professional colleague

Questions and complete application packages can be sent to:

Julie Hetherington-Field, Past President / julie.hetherington-field@nortonrosefulbright.com


Start date for applications – March 1, 2022

Application deadline – April 15, 2022 (late or incomplete applications will not be accepted)

Notification of results via email – May 2, 2022