These TALL Committee updates were given during the March 2021 TALL Executive meeting:

Student Outreach Committee

Our liaison has been in touch with the University of Toronto Faculty of Information to discuss upcoming opportunites for promotion of TALL to students. They do not have any current plans to hold an information session to introduce professional development organizations (in person or virtually) to the students but we will reach out to them with ideas on engagement as they develop over the coming months.

IT Committee

Thank you to everyone who participated in the TALL Website Survey in February. We have reviewed the results and continue to evaluate the current site for ideas on improvements. Our next step is to map out user journeys to look more closely at the process of completing certain tasks on the site and how those could be improved. We are also examining various platform options with an eye on recommending solutions to the Executive by Summer 2021.

Election Committee

Candidates for open positions have been sought and there will be a nomination email sent out soon.

James D. Lang Award Committee

The second reminder has been sent. The deadline for applications is April 16th.