Each quarter, the TALL Blog will focus on a certain theme relevant to our legal information landscape.  Our goal will be to add to your understanding of a certain concept, practice, or field of legal information.

Given the current environment, our theme for 2020 Q2 will be “Working from Home”.  We would love to hear your tips, tricks, strategies and plans for staying sane, productive and even thriving in the home workplace!

Below are some article suggestions. Please contact us to write about:

  • Tips for Working Effectively from Home
  • Different Technology Platforms for Communication – What is Your Firm Using?
  • How to Communicate Well through Video Chat, Conference Call, or IM
  • Video Chat Platforms Comparison (or IM, Conference Call, Project Mgmt., etc.)
  • Working from Home vs Office Workflow Patterns – How Has Your Work Changed?
  • Funny Conference Call Interruptions
  • Getting to Know Your Colleagues Through Their Home Decor
  • Permanent Cultural Implications of the Pandemic from a Business Perspective
  • Challenges of Not Having Access to Print Resources
  • How to Train Legal Staff to Use Online vs. Print Materials
  • Creating Guides, LibGuides, Resource Pages as an Emergency Response Measure
  • Best Ways to Stay in Touch with Your Team while Working Remotely
  • How to Stem the Anxiety – Coping Mechanisms

If you missed the opportunity to read our blog posts on the topic of “Teaching and Training” this last quarter, please click on the link below to access a PDF copy of the Winter 2020 (Q1) TALL Blog Quarterly.

Vol. 39 No. 1 – Winter (Q1) TALL Blog – Quarterly Edition

We welcome your ideas and blog topic suggestions at any time. If there is something you would love to write (or read) about, send your pitch to tall.blog.2019@gmail.com.

Happy reading!

TALL Blog Editors