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      The call for nominations for TALL’s 2024-2025 Board of Directors is now open. TALL needs your leadership, involvement, and support to remain a vibrant and relevant association!

      The Elections Committee seeks your nominations for two positions on the TALL Board of Directors:

      • Vice-President (3-year term: 1 year as Vice President, 1 year as President, and 1 year as Past President)
      • Treasurer (2-year term)*
        • The current Assistant Treasurer will work alongside the incoming Treasurer to manage TALL’s finances.
        • *A Treasurer role description will be provided upon request.

      Why stand for election?
      Participating at the Board level of TALL can provide an alternate track for management or professional training which might not be available through your employer.

      Contribute to Your Profession
      Volunteering allows you to connect to the organization, to have a voice about the present and future direction of TALL, as well as give back to the group in a meaningful way.

      Career Building
      The skills learned through TALL work translates to skills that will help you build your career. You will learn the skills of delegation, motivation, strategic thinking, budget development and management.

      Working on the TALL Board of Directors facilitates connecting with colleagues at a deeper level as you work towards a common goal. You get to know and learn from your fellow Board members on a regular basis. The friendships developed are long lasting. 

      Expectations of Board Members

      • Be a TALL member in good-standing
      • Attend monthly Board meetings
      • Serve as the Board Liaison to designated Committees

      If you are interested in putting your name forward, have questions, or know someone who might be interested, please contact Danielle Chiang at pastpresident@talltoronto.ca by end of day on Monday, May 6th, 2024.  Nominees will be required to submit their photo and short bio by that deadline. Note that we will confirm each nominee’s eligibility, so do not hesitate to nominate someone else if you’re unsure!

      Lastly, if you are interested in volunteering and serving on one of TALL’s Committees, please contact coordinator@talltoronto.ca.  

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