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      Hello TALLeagues!

      We are happy to provide this Members Open Forum for TALL members to discuss topics of interest.

      Do you have an idea for a member-created community? Or a special interest group? Would you like to be a Moderator?

      Please share your ideas with us here, or email the TALL Admin to create a forum and make you the Moderator.

      Permissions can be assigned to forums so that only specific members have access.

      One suggestion is that each TALL Committee have their own forum. If that idea appeals to your committee, let us know!

      Here are some suggestions for Special Interest Groups in our field:

      • Private Law Libraries
      • Academic Law Libraries
      • County & Courthouse Law Libraries
      • Government Libraries
      • Legal Technology
      • Library Technicians
      • New Professionals
      • Technical Services & Cataloguing
      • Business Research & Competitive Intelligence
      • Knowledge Management
      • Training & Instruction

      Thank you!

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